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Limited Time Offer: You are entitled to invite one person (colleague/friend/family member) that you think this program might benefit him or her. After payment is done, follow the instructions in the confirmation email, and they will get the details to access the program from us. 

The King of Leverage (KOL) programme is designed to Help Sales Professionals, Self-Employed People & Business Owners to:

  • Become Trusted Authorities & Advisors to their Customers
  • Attract High-Value Clients
  • Improve on Business, Marketing & Sales Processes in Serving Customers More

Our Motto for the program is simple yet profound:

  • ‘The More Famous & Clear on How You Can Help Your Customers, the More Money You will Earn’

Our 3-Days Masterclass (Done 3 to 4 Hours Daily) will tackle the 3 Essential Components which You Need to Build a Resilient & Profitable Business:

  • The mindset of the ‘New Norm’ Entrepreneur
  • Sales & Marketing to the New Digital Crowd
  • Business Strategies for Post COVID-19 Recovery

Masterclass Format to Focus On:

  • Real Life Case-Studies on its Application & Results
  • Proven Models, Frameworks & SOPs that You Can Just Copy, Paste & Execute for Your Business
  • Answering Your Questions about Your Business

Brief Outline of Our 3-Days Masterclass:

--- DAY 1 ---

Authority Mindset

  • Identify What You could have Done Better to Position Yourself to become a Trusted Advisor & Authority to Your Customers
  • The 3-S Framework taught by Tony Robbins for ‘Resilience & Peak Performance’ will be taught

7 Core Business Messaging

  • Converting Customers in Crisis with a 7 Step Business Message-Script
  • Establish ‘Crystal-Clear’ Messaging to be used for Advertisements, Marketing, Branding & Pitching for Your Business

Digital Presentations & Digital Trust

  • How to Create ‘Converting’ Impressions Online where Your Customers want To Do Business with You
  • How to Do FB-Live, Online Pitches & Sales Presentations that Sell


--- DAY 2 ---

Authority Builder Framework™

  • Master the 5-Ps for an Unforgettable Brand Presence amongst High Value Customers
  • Learn the Secrets on How Tony Robbins, Dan Lok, Mary Kondo (Netflix-fame) & OxWhite Gained a Competitive Advantage & Remain Popular in the Minds of Customers

J.V. Model for Leverage Branding™

  • Form ‘Win-Win’ Collaborations & Joint-Ventures with Others, so that You can Reduce Your Marketing, Operations & Business Expenses
  • Expand into Thousands of New Customers who will See You & Your Business without Spending Thousands on Advertisements

Laser Funnel Builder™

  • Master How to ‘FISH & NET’ Your New Customers using Online Systems & Methods
  • Learn Automation of Providing Products & Services to Generate & Scale Income with Your Business

--- DAY 3 ---

Goal Setting – R.P.M. Model

  • Identify Which Priorities that will Get You to Win with Your Business Targets during Troubled Times
  • A Self-Discovery session on Understanding & Remembering Your Purpose in Doing What You Do, as the Motivation to be Resilient

Pipeline Model™

  • Identify ‘Outflows’ & ‘Cloaks’ that are Damaging Your Business & Causing You to Lose Customers and Money, Unknowingly
  • Be able to Systemize & Structure an Easy-Flow Plan to Engage & Maintain Your Customers on All Levels

Revenue Maximizer™

  • Identify Which Part of Your Business that You are Not Optimizing & that You are ‘Leaving Money on the Table’ – You will Remove all those after this session
  • Know How to Generate Extra 3 to 4 more Income Streams to Support Your Business, without Needing to Spend Anything

Convert in Crisis Presentation Framework™

  • The Secrets of Stage-Closers, Strategic Sales Gurus Exposed! So that You can Present & Close Your Customers like Them too
  • 7 Easy to Follow Steps in a Template to Guide You to Craft Your New Sales & Marketing Pitch


Thriving Talents will Provide:

  • Workbook for Each Session
  • Templates for You to Fill in the Blanks
  • An Online Learning Community with Access to 50 over Speakers, Coaches & Entrepreneurs on various Topics
  • 1 Year Admission into the ‘Mastermind’ ZOOM Community group


Should you have any inquiries, feel free to contact us via email:  [email protected]