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Month-to-Month Membership to the Fit, Healthy & Fabulous Group (First 7 Days for $1)

A year-long program to be your healthiest.

  • 2, 90 min group calls a month - giving you the opportunity to work out old subconscious blocks and unhealthy habits
  • 12 lessons to guide you to make the subconscious mind changes that will help you embrace and better take action on your goals in health, fitness and self-care
  • 24 meet-ups over the year to impliment the partner-up subconscious work and find yourself making changes like never before (2, 90-minute sessions a month)
  • Monthly menu-plan full of healthy, whole-food recipes, breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert (complete with grocery lists)
  • Monthly fitness plan (to keep fitness simple, fun and easy
  • Monthly training on health topics that relate to weight loss and health for women in their 30s, 40s and 50s
  • An arrangement of downloadable checklists, guides and action plans and mini challenges to accompany lessons
  • Priceless connection and support
  • Develop new skills in health and weight loss that you've never had before
  • Monthly Quiz assessment (no grading) - check your knowledge of the skills at the beginning
  • Monthly Debrief Quiz assessment - check your knowledge at the end of each month to be able to impliment easily and know what you're doing in your health

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