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How To Arrange A Successful Online Asexual Meetup, even if you've never held a meetup in your life. Course includes 7 Steps Of Success and the 3 Success Indicators.

Asexual Meetup Mastery is the #1 comprehensive training course, with a proven step-by-step formula, plan and strategy, to guarantee your asexual meetup is super successful.

(You could say, it makes arranging and holding your own asexual meetups – a piece of cake!)

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This excellent and comprehensive course walks you through every aspect of hosting your own asexual meetup. Presented by renowned author, trainer and entrepreneur Sandra Bellamy, who has many years experience of running successful asexual meetups.

The course gives a live, over the shoulder view of the author planning a real meetup. The engaging videos cover a wide range of topics, your aims for your meetup, choosing the venue, finding people who want to attend, publicising your event on asexual sites and other social media, encouraging people to attend, mistakes to avoid, and looking after the mental health of your attendees, and your own.

Also included are many useful resources to download, including a meetup script checklist, multiple scripts for different social media posts and asexual sites, and there is also a bonus list of 156 ideas for things to do at an asexual meetup.

This course is suitable both for beginners, and existing organisers who want to expand their meetups. The course was a great investment, and gave me the confidence to grow and develop my own meetups.

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